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Last-minute shoppers flood Chadstone (2008)

Original article from Herald Sun: Last-minute shoppers flood Chadstone

The Broadmeadows Town Centre was another opened until midnight. No thanks. I detest shopping centres at the best of times.

Posted by: Elayne of Melbourne 11:48pm December 24, 2008
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This is unbelievably sad! Caught in the web of lies that the marketing machines pump out to you. And worse ... people spending money that they don't even have. Given what economic malaise is coming to Australia shores soon (yep, what you seen now is nothing compared to whats coming about 6 months out from now when china won't be buying anything....) you'll be all better off saving your pennies. People have been rewarded for taking on huge debt in the past, but this time as the global deflation bug bites the punishment for debt laden individuals will be severe! Smart people won't be listening to idiots like Rudd telling you to spend. Let him spend the surplus that Howard gifted him with rather than money out of your own wallets! And as everyone else has said ... you've had all year to buy gifts for Christmas and you have to go out at 2am on Christmas Eve? I have no problem with people wanting to give gifts, but to feel the need to go at 2am on Christmas Eve? Another victory for the marketing men. Sad, very very sad.....

Posted by: Huggy of London 11:47pm December 24, 2008
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RUBBISH. The crowd WAS NOT THERE. We were there but noticed a distinct lack of shoppers. Once again a media and Chadstone beat up. When will people take responsibility for expresssing the truth and when will the media question data given to them by their sources. Have we not learn the lesson of analysis and investigation. BLIND LEADING THE BLIND

Posted by: Peter of Sth yarra 8:35pm December 24, 2008
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Victor, there is nothing I enjoy more than buying girfts for friends and family at christmas time, where is the crime in that? I have found the people in my family who stopped giving birthday and christmas gifts are the ones who never tried to socialize with the family in the first place.

Posted by: Jessica of Melton 2:28pm December 24, 2008
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Max out those credit cards... you Eastern Suburb middle classers.

Posted by: Fiona of Toorak 12:33pm December 24, 2008
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I totally agree with Victor. Our family Christmas does not involve commercialism - we came to an agreement some years ago to stop buying presents (parents can still buy for their children - but it all stops there.) Those members of the family who feel so inclined attend midnight Mass on Christmas Eve; then on Christmas Day we celebrate with a splendid Christmas Dinner followed by a visit to friends in the evening for a gathering where we nibble on antipasto etc and enjoy a glass of wine. Not a cent into the coffers of Target/K-Mart/Myers etc! Definitely the way to go - I feel sorry for all those disillusioned hordes of shopaholics who trundle around Chadstone at ungodly hours because it is 24 hour shopping. My advice would be: sit down, think about what it is all about - the answer is family; and you don't have to buy their love and companionship with extravagant gift wrapped offerings - IT'S FREE!

Posted by: Frank McCabe of Swan Hill 12:19pm December 24, 2008
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chaddy and southland in 2010 are going to be joint.... the shoping centres are getting bigger n bigger ... next year southland shopping centre will jump the highway. n evnutally it will join up with chaddy...n it will build a fortress to stop the people from dandenong from entering the city. i hope..

Posted by: Eddie of why do u wanna know 11:49am December 24, 2008
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Nice parenting skills, having a baby so young out when they should be home in bed. What, did it surprise you that Christmas was on the 25th. And we wonder why kids behave the way they do - it's because they have irresponsible parents.

Posted by: KDUB of Melbourne 11:40am December 24, 2008
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Thanks Mr. Rudd for the $1000.00 chrissy bonus, it paid for a nice Playstation and some games for my self!!!!! When is the next handout????

Posted by: Zabi of Melbourne 11:18am December 24, 2008
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Consumerism at its best. Celebrating Christmas is not about buying gifts that most of us cannot afford. Yes we need to stimulate the ecomomy but not by spending on credit cards that the majority cannot afford to pay back. It's what got us into this mess in the first place. And I agree who the hell hangs out and socialises at the mall? Its scary that we have generations who think that way.

Posted by: Simone of Melbourne 10:57am December 24, 2008
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Victor, I agree with you. I hate Chrismas, whoever invented it sould be nailed to a cross.

Posted by: Thomas V of Darwin NT 10:37am December 24, 2008
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I didn't realise that the Herald Sun had started advertising exclusively for Chadstone Shopping Centre. I am sure that they were NOT the ONLY shopping Centre that was opened last night!

Posted by: Joan of Melb 10:35am December 24, 2008
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VICTOR comment1.................... come guys give him a break as he entitle to his opinion?and if you realy took the time and read ...........what he was trying to say? .... like I would understand him...............VICOTR SAID,HE WAS HAPPY SITTING BESIDE HIS LOVING FAMILY AND ENJOY A GET TOGETHER OVER DINNER..........and just maybe that would be more rewarding than anything.??sound good to me................. AS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN?? so many buy so many presents WITH THEIR CARDS...........than remember you need to pay credits cards back after chrissie will wipe a lot of smiles of your faces............ WE will give a beautiful presents to each other.....and we have christmas dinner together/and catching up with friends we do have everything we need and the love for each other is the best present in our home is all we need. cheers and all the best to all for a good christmas.

Posted by: tia-maria of south coast 10:32am December 24, 2008
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Victor i agree. We are going through an economical crisis, and still we have to go spend our hard earned money on useless gifts. And for the young parents who took there 2 month old shopping at stupid hours of the morning, GET A LIFE. stupid, young and recless.

Posted by: bianca of here 10:09am December 24, 2008
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you've all had a year to shop?

Posted by: scott 10:09am December 24, 2008
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these two vuys in the photo have given away what they're passing on as a gift...may as well not wrap the gifts

Posted by: bibies of Burwood East 9:59am December 24, 2008
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Most people are full of energy. Its obvious most people shopping at 2am or later don't have to work the next day right? I enjoy shopping in peace, but witht he school holidays, there was no chance, but then again, I knew Christmas was coming, so why wait so late? Merry Christmas everyone!

Posted by: Sav of Melbourne 9:47am December 24, 2008
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Victor and Joel: People are simply doing what our esteemed PM has asked them to do. He's thrown thousands at families and pensioners in the hope of keeping the economy up, so they're obediently doing their bit for the country. I hope Krudd and Co. are doing the same - goodness knows Mrs. Kev747 could afford to drop a few hundred thousand on pressies!!

Posted by: HB of Melbourne 9:41am December 24, 2008
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Posted by: Billy B of Melb 9:41am December 24, 2008
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Look at me mate, I'm like shopping at 4am, fully sick mate. Took a while to park the VL.

Posted by: Muzza of Broady 9:37am December 24, 2008
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Victor get a life. Its called Christmas mate and it might not hurt you to celebrate it with a smile on your face

Posted by: Suzanne of Melbourne 9:24am December 24, 2008
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Pfft this article has 18 comments, and an actual REAL article about the death of a passanger in a car only has 10.. hmmmm compassion people. stop worrying about presents and all this rushing around. and think of the real meaning of christmas. next time you decide to rush to the shops, or fight over the car parks, think of the consequences.

Posted by: bianca of around town 9:24am December 24, 2008
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Such silly boys.

Posted by: Neeha of Melbourne 9:24am December 24, 2008
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Victor, your such an unattractive man!! (said with Russian accent)

Posted by: A. Thompson of Melbourne 9:20am December 24, 2008
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I love Christmas and I love Christmas shopping and I love giving gifts - I was the one last night @ highpoint shopping center with a smile on my face.... Remember that "Jesus is the reason for the season"

Posted by: Amanda of Burnside 9:18am December 24, 2008
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Why bother with all the crowds, we should all be shopping locally. The prices may be slightly higher, but that is off-set by the lack of stress and customer service. Shopping locally gives your neighbours a job. On a different point, of course we will have a big sales year, Ruddy has given most people some extra splash - I know I did my best to boost the local economy, I spent all mine on spoiling the family like we have never done before. Thanks KRuddy.

Posted by: Josh of Wonny 9:16am December 24, 2008
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Who on earth would want to get together with friends and socialise at a shopping mall?

Posted by: rl of melb 9:15am December 24, 2008
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Every year Chadstone does this, and I am glad that with longer trading hours, more money is going back into our economy, and all its employees will have the opportunity to earn a little more money at this time of year. Since when has that been a crime?

Posted by: Sharon G 9:11am December 24, 2008
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I LOVE Chaddy! I'm a bit bummed I didn't go last night- went yesterday during the daytime. Must've gone at a quiet hour because I got a carparking spot on the upper blue level straight away (the carpark near Borders). Anyway, I always assumed Southland was bigger than Chadstone for the fact it crosses over Nepean Highway... is Chadstone really bigger??

Posted by: NT of Melbourne 9:10am December 24, 2008
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"its a good time to getfriends together and socialise" as only a typical 18 year old that loiters around around a shopping centre would say

Posted by: adam of melbourne 9:08am December 24, 2008
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Losers! "Must buy more things we don't really need!" Must waste money, must succumb to rampant advertising....LOSERS!

Posted by: Joel 9:08am December 24, 2008
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Bugger that. Glad you were all having a great time, but stuff leaving it to the last minute to only have to fight for a car park after an hour on incoming roads, battling hoards of smelly, sweaty people in stiffling conditions and then lining up for ages only to pay for something that's overpriced which you had to battle loads of people for.....

Posted by: Mark James of Melbourne 9:08am December 24, 2008
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I feel sorry for the car loads of muzzas that were coming in to to pick up women, WELL TRY TO.

Posted by: Christo of Melbourne 9:08am December 24, 2008
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Nice Victor, what type of society do we live in where people get called stupid for buying presents? Maybe they were out buying food to have a nice meal....

Posted by: Joel of Melbourne 9:06am December 24, 2008
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Spare a thought for all the phone providers who get a wave of new complaining customers when they expect immediate activation of phones on xmas day when every one else is trying to activate aswell.

Posted by: Exhausted of Richmond 9:02am December 24, 2008
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Victor, the token of Christmas is definately NOT about breaking the budget on gifts, but about giving. I'm always sure to have a few "extra" pressents floating around for the unexpected guests who may show up. The joy truly is in giving. Our hectic lifestyles sometimes make it impossible for us to be as organised as we would like, and as the article states, many rely on this all night shopping to prepare for Christmas Day. At the end of the day, people are spending, which is a step in the right direction for our economy, and many stores are having pre Christmas sales, so why not take advantage? Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

Posted by: smith of moonee ponds 8:59am December 24, 2008
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Victor, you are a scrooge. There's nothing wrong with giving a gift to a friend or loved one to show how much you care. We share a meal as well!

Posted by: Phil Eltringham of Geelong 8:57am December 24, 2008
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One would think there is only one shopping centre in Melbourne ... Chadstone this, Chadstone that.... try going out to Forst Hill or Eastland or Doncaster, they're not so busy,,,where's the real story?

Posted by: mike of heathmont 8:56am December 24, 2008
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I do hope that John C of Fitzroy has got his family members bikes for Xmas!!

Posted by: Santa of Ho Ho Ho Land 8:55am December 24, 2008
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Victor you're a tighta$$! It's not about guilt, it's about fun! Don't assume everyone buys out of guilt like you obviously do! Also you can't put a price on the look on someone's face when they receive a gift they really want and deserve!

Posted by: Jack of Melbourne 8:54am December 24, 2008
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Christmas...yankee style.

Posted by: Adrian of Melbourne 8:52am December 24, 2008
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it's a pretty sad state of affairs when your idea of excitement is to go to a shopping centre all night......

Posted by: Michael 8:52am December 24, 2008
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Get ready for the spin and propagada from the public relations machines associated with the likes of Chadstone and other shopping complexes. Each year they try to con the public into believing that they are being left out if they are not shopping like the supposely other hordes. This is to make the individual question their shopping patterns and to go out and spend. They will also claims its been a "great outcome", "best sales ever". They will also try to confuse the shopping public by expressing in billions of dollars how much very one else has spent. When will the media take such statistics and claims with a grain of salt - or is the advertising dollar too much to cast aside?. When will the public dismiss such claims as misleading and unhealthy. The other side to these claims and more worrying is that the shopping figures equate in a lot of cases to credit card debt. A claminity that needs to be avoided. We want some HONESTY from Shopping Association representatives. I for one will not be giving them extra money. We should all do the same.

Posted by: Peter 8:51am December 24, 2008
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dont they know an year in advance that christmas is coming?

Posted by: alano of melbourne 8:51am December 24, 2008
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Each to their own, but to have a 20 month old out at 2am??? not my cup of tea. My 18 month old was tucked up in bed asleep, as was I. Insanity!

Posted by: JH of Melb 8:47am December 24, 2008
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losers. chadstone is such a cr@p-hole. The only excuse for people to shop at 2am is if you're a shift worker.

Posted by: ange of belgrave 8:45am December 24, 2008
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Feel sorry for the people who work there... I've just finished a 13 hour shift... and I'm exhausted! Though it was pretty fun. The atmosphere was amazing!!!

Posted by: Jennifer of Chadstone 8:30am December 24, 2008
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Bloody stupid people!... What type of society are we to be at a point if we don't buy a gift we feel guilty. What ever happened to appreciating the people we have around us and sharing Christmas over a nice meal rather than competing to buy gifts that are overpriced!...

Posted by: Victor Stavros 8:19am December 24, 2008
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