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For some time now, the development of the Middle Road area leading to Chadstone Shopping Centre (Chaddy as it is affectionately known) has been changing gradually. Since 2007, a raft of update newsletters from the centre have indicated substantial changes for the rest of the year.

As the Chadstone/Gandel website only provides general information with no facility for general discussions, this site was set up as an independent, unbiased platform for residents to use.

Chadstone Development Discussions
Chadstone Development Discussions is an independant website where residents can openly discuss matters related to the development.

We have the largest and best collection of photographs, some dating back to late 2006, of the constructions in and around Chadstone Shopping Centre. See how many areas have changed over time by looking at past photos. And of course, interested residents can share their own photos by uploading them to the site.

We have photos of the roadworks, new carparks, new roads, the Webster Street bridge, Middle Road, Warrigal Road and all other related areas.