Chadstone Development Discussions

Key facts

2014 Development

Cost: $580m
Additional floor space: 34,000m2
Additional Car spaces 800
Additional Retailers 40
Additional features New public transport hub, luxury hotel, 10 storey office block

Commencement: December 2006
Projected Finish Date: November 2007 (or in time for the 2007 Christmas shopping rush)
Affected Roads: Middle Road, Webster Street, Capon Street, Warrigal Road, Chadstone Place Ring Road
Construction Companies / Contractors:
  • CDL Constructions (Middle Road, Webster Street bridge, Warrigal Road widening & lowering).
    CDL constructions is an Italian construction company based in Bayswater.
  • ProBuild Constructions (Chadstone Place / Myer Multi-level carpark)
    Probuild is an Australian construction company based in South Melbourne.
Estimated Cost:$100 million [1]
  • Middle Road & Webster Street Bridge Project: Widening & Lowering of Middle Road
  • Warrigal Road Project: Additional right-turn lanes into Middle Rd, Widening (Scotchman's Creek side)
  • Chadstone Place / Loop Mall project: Extra multi-level car parking, underground shopping mall, outside shopping strip
Properties acquired:5 residential properties (including buildings) along Middle Road, Webster St and Capon St demolished and land used for the widening of Middle Road.
Lanes on Middle Road prior to constructions:Two incoming lanes, two outbound lanes, splitting to 2 left-turn and 2 right-turn lanes
Lanes on Middle Road after construction:Three incoming lanes, Three outbound lanes, splitting to three left-turn and 2 right-turn lanes

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