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Chadstone Shopping Christmas Hours 2014 - Xmas Extended Trading Hours

Thu, 11 Dec 2014 06:19 pm By Admin

Below are the extended trading hours for the 2014 Christmas trading period, as released by Chadstone shopping Centre.

This year, the 34-hour Christmas trading period falls on Tuesday and Wednesday. It starts at 8am Tuesday and ends at 6pm on Wednesday. Unlike last year where the centre was open from 8am on the days leading up to Christmas, trade now starts at 9am on almost all days.

Chadstone Opening Hours - Christmas 2014 timetable
Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Dec 11
Dec 21
34 Hour Trade
34 Hour Trade
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Boxing day
1 Jan
2 Jan
3 Jan

Source: trading hours on official Chadstone Shopping website

Note: Not all shops and stores adhere to this special timetable. The timetable only applies to the Shopping Centre in general. Individual stores may have different trading hours.

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Chocolate Lounge Closes, Fitness First to also close Fri, 24 Oct 2014 12:00 am By Admin

The prominent Chocolate lounge cafe has abruptly closed its doors.

Meanwhile, the Fitness First gym above the former Chocolate lounge cafe announced it will be closing down on 14 November. In a letter to members, the club stated that it decided not to renew the lease when it expires, although no reason had been stated. Speculation points to increasing rent as the reason for not renewing their lease. In the same way, many other smaller retailers have been forced to close down due to exhorbitant rental fees being charged by the owners of Chadstone Shopping Centre.

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Works begin near Princes Hwy (Dandenong Rd) carpark Fri, 19 Sep 2014 12:00 am By Admin

A large area of the south western carpark (bordering Dandenong Rd) has been fenced off and construction work has begun. It is speculated new buildings will be erected for the growing UNIQLO department store chain.

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Chemist Warehouse opens, replaces First Choice Liquor Wed, 17 Sep 2014 12:00 am By Admin

After many months of secrecy, Chemist Warehouse has finally opened in Chadstone. The First Choice Liquor store had been closed for some months prior, and until the day of opening of the new Chadstone Chemist Warehouse, very little was made public.

Unfortunately, Chemist Warehouse had some trouble keeping their new signage affixed to the wall - all signs of a rushed job.

It is also interesting to see Chemist Warehouse opening in Chadstone. The existing pharmacy located near Coles, My Chemist, is owned by the same group as Chemist Warehouse. This arrangement is akin to the days when cut-price BiLo and mainstream Coles co-existed, but ultimately BiLo was removed due to the falling profits, market dilution and excessive overheads caused by running two major supermarkets in the one shopping centre. Time will tell whether the dual-pharmacy arrangement will work, or whether Chemist Warehouse will eventually take over the local market, and the group deciding to close My Chemist.

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Don't speed near Chadstone: New Warrigal Rd speed limits Wed, 10 Sep 2014 12:00 am By Admin

Recently, the stretch of Warrigal Road between Holmesglen and Princes Hwy had its speed limit lowered from 70 kph down to 60kph. For a long time, the 70 kph speed limit was an oddity, but mainly to assist with the large speed limit differential when entering or exiting the Monash Fwy, so drivers could gradually adjust to the speed limits when driving along Warrigal Rd.

The revised 60 kph section passes by the interconnecting Middle Rd leading up to Chadstone Shopping Centre. Middle Rd itself has always been limited to 60 kph, so it makes sense to reduce the limit on Warrigal Rd to harmonise.

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