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Vic Govt seeks feedback on Chadstone area

Fri, 12 Apr 2024 12:00 am By Admin

The Victorian Government has distributed flyers to solicit feedback from residents surrounding the Chadstone Shopping Centre area.

Described as the "Chadstone Activity Centre", the government are reviewing the rules for building heights and planning laws to allow more high density homes to be built within walking distance of the shopping centre which has a number of essential services, notably the public transport bus interchange.

The survey can be accessed at

Update May 2024: The survey has closed to an overwhelmingly negative response. Nearly all residents said they did not want the area to be re-zoned to allow for high density residential housing, citing existing traffic congestion and the lack of quality mass transit. Residents were also concerned about the amenity of the area being destroyed by high-rise developments and many did not believe the housing crisis would be solved by over-developing existing suburbs surrounding Chadstone SC.

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