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2012 Chadstone Boxing Day Sales: Myer & David Jones Opened from 5am

Wed, 26 Dec 2012 08:09 am By Admin

Boxing Day 26th December 2012: 7am until 10pm

Both of the major department stores at Chadstone were open at the crack of dawn this morning for their traditional Boxing Day Sales. Myer and David Jones opened their doors at 5am.

The rest of the shops and stores at the Centre were generally open from the official opening time of 7am. The Centre will close at 10pm.

Many retailers are offering large discounts, with some offering up to 60% off the normal price.

Busy Chadstone Corner entrance - Chadstone Development Discussions Traffic this morning was generally light, although as the morning progresses, it is expected to become busier, with peak times expected from 11am until 3pm.

The Centre will be open every day throughout New Years Eve and New Years Day.

With Boxing Day being one of the most critical shopping days for retailers, Centre manager Daniel Sutton hopes to have at least the same number of shoppers as last year. He said "Last year, we did over 165,000 customers through the day on Boxing Day and we'd be expecting similar numbers this year".

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