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Don't speed near Chadstone: New Warrigal Rd speed limits

Wed, 10 Sep 2014 12:00 am By Admin

Recently, the stretch of Warrigal Road between Holmesglen and Princes Hwy had its speed limit lowered from 70 kph down to 60kph. For a long time, the 70 kph speed limit was an oddity, but mainly to assist with the large speed limit differential when entering or exiting the Monash Fwy, so drivers could gradually adjust to the speed limits when driving along Warrigal Rd.

The revised 60 kph section passes by the interconnecting Middle Rd leading up to Chadstone Shopping Centre. Middle Rd itself has always been limited to 60 kph, so it makes sense to reduce the limit on Warrigal Rd to harmonise.

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