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Piling works finished, Webster Street 'Bridged'

Fri, 26 Oct 2007 03:47 pm By Admin

Webster Street Bridge, october 2007 - Chadstone Development Discussions  - Chadstone Development Discussions Middle Road footpath, with newly planted foliage - Chadstone Development Discussions With the northern side of Middle Road fully piled (Since last week), excavations have almost finished flattening the ground to match the height of the new section. Bitumen is expected to be laid very soon expanding Middle Road to 6 lanes (as advertised).

The northern side of the Middle Road bridge has been installed. It spans a longer length than the southern side, but the reason for this is to allow more outbound lanes on Middle Road. Yesterday, electricity to Webster Street residents was cut again to allow the cranes to lift the platforms into place.

New foliage has been planted along the embankment of the eastern end of the new footpath.

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