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Chadstone's broken promise, no construction or roadworks until new year

Sat, 29 Dec 2007 12:04 pm By Admin

2007 March/April - Chadstone Development Discussions Webster St bridge - Chadstone Development Discussions Incomplete downramp for Middle Rd service lane - Chadstone Development Discussions A newsletter sent out in March 2007 indicated that the construction works would be completed in 'Late November'. Another newsletter sent out in early December 2007 said that 'finishing touches to the bridge' were being made.

Fast forward to late December 2007, and the bridge has not been opened to traffic as promised. The downramp for the Middle Rd service lane to the Warrigal Rd intersection has also not been completed. Motorists unfamiliar with Webster St (north) had to turn back, unaware that they would not be able to exit to Warrigal Road.

It seems that the project management company has made poor decisions on resource allocation, favouring the shoppers who would put money onto the cash registers of the shops, leaving the local residents to suffer. To add further insult to injury, the construction workers went on holidays early, in full knowledge it would break promises and delay the completion of the project, even though it is overdue by a month.

On inspection, the laying of bitumen over the surface of the bridge would have made it useable, even if only temporarily (while the workers are on vacation). With only a small area to lay, it would have been expected to take less than one day, and given residents far more latitude.

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