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Construction Workers' extended holidays leaves 2 month old disgrace

Mon, 14 Jan 2008 05:26 pm By Admin

Crumbled end of median/kerb at Middle Rd - Chadstone Development Discussions Tattered Middle/Warrigal Rd intersection - Chadstone Development Discussions It is now two months past the date Chadstone Shopping Centre claimed that the construction works were expected to be finished.

The Webster Street bridge has had no further work done since Christmas. The patch of road comprising the intersection of Middle Rd and Warrigal Road remains tattered, with bumpy ridges and unsightly potholes. The end of the Warrigal Road median strip pedestrian crossing remains as gravel with traffic barriers. Most of the new bitumen roads are not yet complete - the level of bitumen is much lower than the concrete gutter. This is especially noticeable where there are drainhole grates which extend away from the kerb and onto the road. Their raised level creates a bump, making motorists avoid them by travelling close to the next lane. The tip of the Middle Rd median strip has been crumbled, possibly due to a truck mounting the kerb. To have crumbled, the quality of the concrete would have been poor - a clear indicator of rushed work.

With nearly all businesses back up and running after the summer holidays, it is highly unusual that neither CDL nor ProBuild Constructions have recommenced construction works. There is speculation that the construction companies were involved in some type of dispute with Chadstone Shopping Centre, which is yet to be resolved. The cause may turn out to be working conditions and/or pay.

With the road infrastructure projects being marred by lateness and possible cost overruns, future Chadstone construction projects may also be prone to the same fate.

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