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Apple to open in Chadstone Shopping, Works to revamp Schotchman's creek trail

Sat, 01 Mar 2008 06:40 pm By Admin

Upcoming Apple store in Chadstone Shopping Centre - Chadstone Development Discussions Upcoming Apple store next to Chelsea - Chadstone Development Discussions Pile of soil, scotchman's creek trail - Chadstone Development Discussions Chadstone Place Development at Myer carpark - Chadstone Development Discussions Apple (Computer) Pty Ltd will be opening their retail store in Chadstone very soon - rumours have been circulating that the store will open in February/March 2008. The store will be located on the ground floor between Chelsea and Nike Women, an unusual location for a consumer technology store, as it will be sandwiched between clothing retailers. Apple, as usual, are being tight-lipped on the official opening date.

Attention is now being paid to the footpath and pedestrian access to the schotchman's creek trail in Chadstone, at the Warrigal Road intersection. The footpath will be re-built to accommodate the shift in traffic light position.

Meanwhile, rapid progress has been made with the constructions near the Myer/ChadstonePlace carpark. The steel beams forming a raised platform have now been covered by sheet metal. It looks like it will become the foundations for an open shopping strip, as outlined in the 'Chadstone Place Development' newsletters.

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