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Free gift to encourage shoppers to spend, decorations & trees already up

Sat, 08 Nov 2008 05:27 pm By Admin

Christmas trees already up for 2008 - Chadstone Development Discussions With the current economic situation and looming recession, the population is much less likely to spend money. With an unprecedented number of new shops opening, Chadstone SC must do all it can to encourage shoppers to spend. Chadstone SC have recently partnered with MasterCard, with a campaign which provides shoppers with a free gift (beach towel set) when they spend at least $450 on their MasterCard at the Shopping Centre during November 2008.

Since early November 2009, Chirstmas decorations have been installed throughout Chadstone Shopping Centre, about a month and a half before Chirstmas. It is anticipated that Centre Management will release a 2009 Christmas Shopping Hours Timetable within the next few weeks.

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