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Victorian Govt wastes money advertising 'new trains' as Myki suffers delays

Thu, 24 Dec 2009 05:29 pm By Admin

Vic Govt wastes money advertising new trains - Chadstone Development Discussions New trains now arriving - Chadstone Development Discussions A new billboard ad has appeared a few days ago on the Chadstone Coles carpark. The Victorian Government is telling everyone about the new trains that will be arriving.

It is bizarre move, especially when critical projects such as Myki ticketing system are being perpetually delayed. Transport minister Lynne Kosky refuses to give a set date of when the system is ready for use, and yet can authorise such adverts which waste taxpayer's money.

The ad is also ill placed, especially when the majority of shoppers still use private vehicles to travel to and from the shopping centre. In the past there have been calls for an underground railway station to be constructed at Chadstone shopping centre; why the government is spending time on a PR exercise rather than putting their focus on the actual train network is a mystery.

The government could have saved tens of thousands of dollars by not running the ad campaign, and instead use the funds for improving the Victorian public transport system.

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