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Graffiti and vandalism problems worsen for new walkway to Chadstone

Thu, 29 Jul 2010 05:45 pm By Admin

A spate of new vandalism has once again occurred on the new Middle Road footpath to Chadstone Shopping Centre. Vandals have sprayed copious amounts of graffiti symbols along the concrete walls and also perspex panels (which have already succumbed to previous vandalism in the form of scratching).

As previously reported on, the new walkways are now grade separated from the road, which has been lowered. The separation creates a haven where vandals can often work undisturbed by passing traffic.

Whilst Chadstone Security patrol staff exist, they only patrol within the Centre itself. If this vandalism is to be deterred, the presence of these patrol staff are required in the surrounding streets and pathways.

There are concerns that not enough is being done to keep the affected areas more secure and vandal resistant. Stonnington Council is responsible for the upkeep of the area. Ultimately, ratepayers foot the cleanup bills.

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