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Chadstone shoppers warned about parking restrictions during 2010 Christmas

Thu, 23 Dec 2010 09:44 am By Admin

Beware the Stonnington Permit Zones around Chadstone - Chadstone Development Discussions Several roadside display signs warn prospective shoppers to be wary of parking restrictions within the area, for in the past years, Stonnington Council, being the typical Christmas Scrooges, will be using parking infringements as a huge revenue boost.

To counteract this, the Centre has for some years been setting up alternative carparking in offsite areas, with shuttle buses taking shoppers to and from their cars. One such area is the Holmesglen TAFE multi-level carpark, next to the Holmesglen Fitness First club on Waverley Road.

 - Chadstone Development Discussions Extra signage has also been put in place to direct customers to the top level of multi-level carparks, which are generally avoided by customers in summer due to the heat.

If you are planning to drive to Chadstone during this 24-hour shopping period, be vary careful about parking restrictions if you are parking in the surrounding residential streets. Some streets up to 500m away do not have restrictions, and as a general rule, streets less than two blocks away from the Shopping Centre will always be within a permit zone. Infringements (parking without displaying a valid permit for the area) will incur a $70 fine per offence.

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