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2010 Xmas Shopping rush begins as Chadstone start Promos from 6pm

Thu, 23 Dec 2010 10:02 pm By Admin

View the full Chadstone Christmas 2010 Opening Hours timetable.

Long queues on Middle Rd on 23 Dec 2010 - Chadstone Development Discussions Crowded Mall on 23 Dec 2010 evening - Chadstone Development Discussions After most people finished work and dinner, Chadstone had a major influx of shoppers starting from 6pm. Although the Centre officially started its round-the-clock marathon shopping from 8am Thursday 23 Dec 2010, most people were at work or procrastinating, and the Centre was only moderately busy.

From 9pm, traffic on Warrigal Road became busier than the Dandenong Road entrances, mainly due to the proximity to the Monash Freeway. Turning lanes into Middle Road banked up to the freeway exits.

Nova FM 100.3 at Chadstone 23 Dec 2010 - Chadstone Development Discussions Nova 24 Hourly Prizes in the Fashion of Chadstone - Chadstone Development Discussions Since 6pm, the Centre have been host to Nova FM 100.3 who will broadcast from outside of Myer on the ground floor until the 24-hour shopping period ends. Nova will be giving away prizes every hour.

Shoppers are being encouraged to shop during the small hours of the night on the Christmas Eve, with the big retailers providing discounts of up to 50% off some products between 2am and 6am on the 24th of December.

Update 10:00pm
Daniel Sutton from Centre Management says at 9:30pm, 100,000 shoppers flowed through the doors. The Centre is on target to have up to 250,000 shoppers visit before the 24-hour trade period ends at 6pm on 24 Dec 2010. Mr Sutton also makes mention of the 9,500 carparking spaces available. This number of parking bays is unprecedented, however it is still expected to fill to capacity on Christmas Eve as many more people attempt to visit the centre for their last minute gifts.

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