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Chadstone distributes May 2007 Newsletter, excavations doubling

Sun, 13 May 2007 01:59 pm By Admin

May 2007 (Side1) - Chadstone Development Discussions Chadstone have sent out a May 2007 newsletter. Amongst the highlights are the shuttle service for local residents, especially those living on the blocked-off side Webster and Capon St. If you did not receive this newsletter, you can view it online. Make use of the service as often as you can - after all, the inconvenience caused to you means they should be bending over backwards a little.

Excavations are now nearly twice as deep - Chadstone Development Discussions In other news, the excavation works seem to be progressing fairly rapidly. The trench (for the new tunnel) is now twice as deep as last month. The lower half of Middle Rd is just as busy as usual, and the removal of the final part of the wooded fence is a clear indication that the intersection is about to be widened.

The newsletter also makes mention of their 'updated website', which now includes PDFs of past newsletters. As of now, the May 2007 newsletter is not on their website yet. It seems that they've realised that some residents are not receiving news updates, and consequently made some minor additions to their web pages.

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