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Parking fines at Chadstone Shopping Centre - Stonnington Infringement Notices

Mon, 26 Dec 2011 07:29 pm By Admin

Stonnington Council parking permit zone near Chadstone Shopping - Chadstone Development Discussions Predictably this 2011 Christmas shopping season, shoppers are turning to parking illegally on surrounding streets of Chadstone Centre. The fine is $73 for stopping in a permit zone without a valid permit.

A small number of shoppers do realise this, and prefer to simply pay the fine, rather then spend a few frustraing minutes trying to snatch a carparking space at one of the Centre carparks. However, by illegally parking on surrounding streets, it gives the impression to other unwitting shoppers that parking on those streets is OK.

Every Christmas, the Stonnington City Council plays the Grinch, sending out parking inspectors on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, the two most popular shopping days at Chadstone. The inspectors patrol the area every hour, and can hand out up to several thousand fines per day.

Free alternative parking has been specially set up by Chadstone Centre Management at Homlesglen TAFE, near the Fitness First building. A free shuttle bus service runs between the TAFE carpark and the shopping centre.
Another alternative is to park on Cole Cr or Dummond Street, near GippsTAFE. These streets are not regulated by permit restrictions. A brief 5-minute walk across Warrigal Rd and up Middle Rd will have you at Chadstone with minimal parking fuss.

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