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Webster St Bridge, Middle Rd/Capon St Intersection

Sun, 29 Jul 2007 08:25 pm By Admin

Middle Road Excavations at 29/07/07 - Chadstone Development Discussions Support beam for Webster St Bridge - Chadstone Development Discussions July 2007 (page1) - Chadstone Development Discussions Major changes have recently taken place, with obvious signs of progress. As of today (29 July), there is a support beam ready for the Webster Street bridge. The excavations have substantially lowered the new Middle Road. The reinforced walls are clearly visible, and it appears that just the laying down of the bitumen will probably make the underpass useable.

The intersection of Middle Road and Capon St have also seen drastic changes - Capon Street now has a might have a permanent slip lane, with a wall in between the multi-level carpark and Capon St itself (probably to provide residents with more privacy). The diversions have mostly been removed. Eventually the road will be straightened again.

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