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All Roads to Chadstone Lead To Traffic Jams: Christmas 2012

Sun, 23 Dec 2012 11:10 pm By Admin

23 Dec 2012 Middle Rd Traffic Jam - Chadstone Development Discussions This year, traffic snarls have become worse during the 34-hour non-stop Christmas trading period. Coupled with a scorching hot 39C Melbourne summer day with relief only arriving on the morning of Christmas Eve, motorists are more easily agitated when faced with traffic jams.

The roads leading to Chadstone, especially Warrigal and Middle Rd, are experiencing record traffic. The heatwave this year has caused more people to put off their last minute Christmas shopping until late at night, hoping to seek refuge from the heat of the day. This could mean Chadstone is more busy from midnight until 3am, than any other time.

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