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Xmas Eve 2012: Chadstone on track to have 250,000 shoppers through door by COB

Mon, 24 Dec 2012 11:10 am By Admin

Chadstone Corner - Christmas Eve 2012 - Chadstone Development Discussions This morning, 3AW's Justin Smith spoke to Chadstone's Centre manager, Daniel Sutton. He could "see a lot of retailers and a lot of my team who've put the graveyard shift in and done a great job".

Asked about how many shoppers have been to the Centre so far, Mr. Sutton said "Since 8 o'clock yesterday morning, which is when our 34 hour shopping marathon commenced, we've had over 170,000 people through the Centre already, and based on current projections, we're looking to get around 250,000 people by the time we close at 6pm tonight".

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