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Boxing Day rush 2014 - Traffic Snarls around Chadstone

Fri, 26 Dec 2014 10:00 am By Admin

It's only 9:45am on Boxing Day 2014 and traffic surrounding Chadstone is almost at a standstill

Fairfax radio spoke to Centre Manager Anthony Rafaniello about the Boxing Day sales.

"It's been very very busy, obviously at 5am Myer opened and the shoppers are streaming in as the centre opened at 7am."

"There's a lot of queues around the fashion brands. Some of the big fashion brands [have] sales 50% off, up to 70% off, and we've got a very big range of fashion stores here so fashion probably beeen one of the big ones."

When asked about why the boxing day sales still attracts so many people, despite early online sales, Mr Rafaniello said "I think its tradition. You know, there's carloads people coming in groups, so they're sort of making a bit of a day out. But the sales are essentially centre wide versus select retailers that might have had small sales in the week leading to to Christmas, But whole Centre on sale today".

Asked about the patronage for the pre-Christmas period, Mr Rafaniello said "We won't actually have the final sales figures until end of month. But in traffic terms, it was strong, but I don't think it will be a record breaking year.

"I think that Boxing day today is a very strong day. it's only 9:45, but it started very early, so I think today will be a very very strong sales day.

i think there'll be string sales for next week at least. So it's definitely the time to come in and pick up those items that people have been looking for. And we're open till 10pm tonight, so there's plenty of time.

Mr Rafaniello gave some tips on the best times to come to the Centre on Boxing Day. "You either have to come early, so you really need to come right now and it's already really built up. I would say after 3pm is a good time to come, because we're open right though to 10pm, so after 3pm it'll be a lot easier, after 5pm it will be even easier".

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