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Car fire in Chaddy carpark

Thu, 20 Dec 2018 02:30 pm By Admin

A car fire in a lower level carpark at approx 1:30pm caused large plumes of smoke and sparked an evacuation of the David Jones carpark. Multiple cars have been implicated in the blaze. Fortunately there were no injuries.

All levels of the David Jones carpark were evacuated during the incident. Twelve MFB appliances were in attendance, with two commanding units and nearly 50 firefighters on scene. The fire was under control in about hour.

About a dozen cars in the immediate vicinity of the car that caught fire were themselves burnt out or severely damaged.

The Centre management and Emergency services have assisted customers to retrieve their vehicles on the top and basement level whilst the affected level 1 remains closed off until declared safe by the Emergency services.

Police and MFB have declared the incident as 'non-suspicious' and has been attributed to a vehicle fault. Other carparks in Chadstone were unaffected and all stores in the Centre continued trading. Minor traffic congestion around Dandenong/Chadstone Road resulted.

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