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Melways updated, work on footpath finally begins

Sat, 22 Sep 2007 04:23 pm By Admin

Workers working on the footpath. Steel mesh laid - Chadstone Development Discussions Melways comparison of Middle Road (Before & after) - Chadstone Development Discussions Well before the roadworks are complete, the Melways street directory have already updated their maps to reflect the new Middle Road and Webster Street bridge. It depicts Webster street joined, whilst Capon Street has become further disjoint (In order to cross to the other side of Capon Street, one must use the Webster Street bridge). The new maps are consistent with the actual construction works.

Over the past few days, a limited number of construction workers were seen working on the new footpath. Wire meshing has been laid, ready for concrete to be poured.

The new multi-level carpark now has almost all the steel reinforcing mesh in place for the support poles. Platforms have been put in place so that the 1st level concrete slab floors can be laid.

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