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No construction works this Saturday

Sat, 29 Sep 2007 03:47 pm By Admin

The temporary excavations ramp  at Warrigal Rd traffic lights - Chadstone Development Discussions Lower part of excavations near Warrigal Rd - Chadstone Development Discussions Interestingly, no construction work took place today - a welcome break for residents who get woken up from 7:30am over the last few Saturdays. This is either due to the work being ahead of schedule, or the risk of rain on this day.

A great deal of earth has been excavated from the lower half of the remaining 'old middle road', leaving somewhat of a chasm. With a thin wall of clay separating the excavated area and the 'new Middle Road', fairly soon extra lanes will be available, pending the installation of more support beams for the next part of the Webster Street Bridge.

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