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Bitumen Laid on Middle Rd, Jackhammer frustrates Residents

Thu, 01 Nov 2007 08:16 pm By Admin

New part of Middle Rd, with bitumen mostly laid - Chadstone Development Discussions  - Chadstone Development Discussions Over the past 2 days, workers laid bitumen over the newly flattened ground. The Concrete slab walls along the northern side of Middle Road (both sides of the Webster St bridge) have also been installed, covering up the unsightly concrete reinforcement piles. At this stage, it looks to be only another week or so before the new lanes along Middle Rd are opened.

This (Thursday) evening construction workers started drilling/cutting the old part of Middle Rd at the Warrigal Rd intersection. In the past, this activity occurred closer to Webster St, upsetting nearby residents who could feel the strong vibrations in their house. Today's vibrations could be felt up to 50 meters away from the site. It appears the drilling was necessary to remove old rubble so that an exit ramp can be put in place for residents along Middle Rd and Webster St.

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