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Lane shifting, Early morning digging

Mon, 26 Nov 2007 11:00 am By Admin

Eastern end of Middle Road, 29th November 2007 - Chadstone Development Discussions Barriers on Middle Rd - Chadstone Development Discussions The outbound lanes on Middle Road have again shifted, owing to the works on finishing the kerb (eastern end, left-turn lanes). The centre median strip is still under construction, which once finished, will allow Middle Road to allow traffic to flow at full capacity.

On the morning of 26 november at approximately 5:00am, vibrations and loud noises could be heard from the early morning roadworks. These appear to be to do with concrete removal/digging.

If you were aware of, or affected by the disturbance, please let us know by posting a comment. You may also want to contact the Council and/or CFSPM (Chadstone Centre Management) to clarify whether this is legal or to lodge a complaint.

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