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All lanes open for Middle Road

Thu, 13 Dec 2007 01:38 pm By Admin

 - Chadstone Development Discussions Night works on Middle Rd - Chadstone Development Discussions Temporary road barriers have been removed from the median strip, providing three inbound and five outbound lanes. Warrigal Rd was also modified to provide 3 turning lanes into Middle Rd. Traffic signals on both warrigal road and the Middle Road/Capon Street (Permimiter/Ring road) intersection have also been modified to optimise traffic flow.

The traffic signals on Middle/Warrigal Road used to be:
  • Red
  • Left Turn green
  • Red (briefly)
  • Green (left & right turn)
  • Red
  • Left Turn
The new sequence removes the red light between the Left Turn green and the main green, meaning that left turn traffic can continue on during the transition to green for all lanes.

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