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Wide road with little parking, construction rush mistakes

Mon, 17 Dec 2007 07:32 pm By Admin

December 2007 (page 1) - Chadstone Development Discussions Roundabout half dug out shortly after being installed - Chadstone Development Discussions Webster st bridge, ready for bitumen - Chadstone Development Discussions Pedestrian/cyclist spray marking on footpath - Chadstone Development Discussions With only one week left before Christmas, Chadstone Shopping Centre have sent out an end-of-year newsletter detailing the extended shopping hours. Oddly enough, no significant mention of Middle Road has been made.

During last week workers rushed to finish the majority of Middle Road. A mistake the builders made was to put the roundabout in early. Part of the roundabout had to be dug up again to allow heavy machinery to go past and to install a lamp post.

The new Chadstone place multilevel carpark looks like it will not be completed before Christmas. Therefore, the extra lanes on Middle and Warrigal Road will be of limited use during the Christmas shopping period, and heavy congestion is expected as motorists jostle for parking space.

However, the Webster Street bridge should be open within a week - currently it is ready for bitumen laying. The down-ramp for the service lane on the northen side of Middle Rd (at the Warrigal Rd end) is still yet to be completed.

More finishing touches to the Middle Road footpath have been made, including more handrails and guards. Spray markings indicate that pedestrians and cyclists should keep to the left. Unfortunately, the new footpath proved to be a target for vandals even before completion. Graffiti was spotted in various places along the path.

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