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Christmas hoons, Middle Rd footpath hazard

Wed, 26 Dec 2007 01:54 pm By Admin

Ajar hatch on new Middle Rd footpath - Chadstone Development Discussions Side view of ajar hatch - Chadstone Development Discussions On Christmas eve, as usual, traffic congestion and beeping car horns were commonplace. At times, stressed motorists could be seen engaging in road rage and a bit of hooning around. According to news sources, the peak time for shopping was 1am on the morning of Christmas eve.

A drain manhole cover on the middle Rd footpath was left ajar, leaving open the potential for pedestrians to trip over and possible lawsuits against Chadstone shopping centre, CDL or even VicRoads. We found the cover was left open since the day before Christmas eve, and with no work occuring over the next few days, pedestrians have been exposed to this unacceptable risk.

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