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Works on Warrigal Road, Chadstone; Proper bitumen laid on Middle Road

Tue, 19 Feb 2008 12:08 am By Admin

Digging up warrigal Rd - Chadstone Development Discussions Late night works on Warrigal Rd - Chadstone Development Discussions This morning, workers dug up the median strip on Warrigal Road, near the Monash freeway. A new median strip will be installed, and possibly also crash barriers to prevent cars from inadvertently crossing onto incoming traffic. This is due to the changed lane structure in the lead up to the Middle Road intersection, and to ensure the traffic flow from the Monash Freeway exit is smoother.

In the evening and late into the night, workers started laying proper bitumen over Middle Road, and the Warrigal Road intersection. This finally rectifies the bumpy, tattered patch of road used by motorists over the last few months.

Although the bitumen has been laid on the Webster Street bridge over one day ago, it remained closed to traffic.

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