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Substantially reduced gound level parking at ChadPlace during construction works

Wed, 12 Mar 2008 11:15 pm By Admin

Substantially reduced gound level parking at ChadPlace - Chadstone Development Discussions ChadPlace platform/ramp outside Myer - Chadstone Development Discussions Ground level parking close to the Chadstone Place (Australia Post/Former BiLo) entrance has been reduced to just a thin strip directly in front of the entrance. Shoppers are now forced to park further away or use the underground carparks, which is a major inconvenience for brief shopping trips.

The area just outside and behind the Australia Post shop has been fenced off, and metal beams are being affixed to the ground, which will later join up with the new building that now occupies the former ACU site. The other side of the carpark near Myer has continuing works on the raised platform, which is now being paved with concrete.

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