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Footpath closed again for works, Confusing parking sign, blimp used for photos

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 11:27 pm By Admin

Middle Rd footpath closed yet again - Chadstone Development Discussions Confusing 'PARKING' sign - Chadstone Development Discussions Blimp used to take aerial photos - Chadstone Development Discussions The new Middle Road footpath has yet again closed for remedial construction/repair works. As reported earlier, a gaping hole was left during Easter and the following week - exposing pedestrians and cyclists to inconvnience and potential injury. A number ofsections have cracked, leading to questions over the quality of the original construction. Such flaws are indicative of rushed works and poor workmanship.

A new, prominent sign with "PARKING" appeared at the new rounabout just outside the entrance to the new underground carpark at ChadstonePlace. The new sign is contrary to the other temporary signs which state "Buses only/No Entry".

Today a blimp was seen hovering around the cnstuction works. Chadstone hired the blimp aerial photography company to take some progress/survey photographs.

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