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No ground-level parking at ChadPlace, Footpath still closed as costs rise

Fri, 04 Apr 2008 09:03 pm By Admin

Footpath closed again - Chadstone Development Discussions Parking closed in front of Chadsone Place - Chadstone Development Discussions All parking directly outside the Chadstone Place entrance (My Chemist/Australia Post) has been closed off. Shoppers are now forced to park further away or find parking underground. The area will now be used to join up the two new separate buildings that are being constructed.

The new Middle Road footpath is still closed. The expense of the project is rising as construction workers perform remedial work to correct defects due to the rushed works last year. Specifically, the defects are cracked concrete which pose a tripping hazard to pedestrians, and must be rectified to pass council law. Workers are now removing sections of concrete and re-laying new concrete.

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