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Mass store closures while Chaddy goes through major renovations

Tue, 20 May 2008 08:51 pm By Admin

Anybody who has visited Chadstone Shopping Centre in the past 6 months will have known about the external construction works. And at this stage, an unprecedented number of shops inside the centre have closed or in the process of re-locating. Shoppers waking anywhere within the centre are being confronted with several dozen temporary shop facades.

The area outside Chadstone place has now been fully immersed in construction works, with little remaining frontage to be seen. Scaffolding has been installed outside the banks and the Chadstone Place entrance, whilst the entrance next to Australia Post has been dismantled.

One of the first tenants of Chadstone Place to close down is the Fitness First Chadstone Express club. This comes with FF Express being in operation in Chadstone for only three years. However, the new construction works will expand the existing floor space, and the fitness club will re-open after December 2008.

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