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Aldi Chadstone, Safeway/Woolworths and others present stiff competition to Coles

Fri, 31 Oct 2008 11:25 am By Admin

Aldi Chadstone - Chadstone Development Discussions Woolworths & Aldi next to Kmart sign - Chadstone Development Discussions Shoppers are now spoilt for choice when it comes to grocery shopping. Upon opening last week, droves of buyers flocked to the discount supermarket Aldi and also Safeway (Branded Woolworths) for a try-out, leaving Coles significantly quieter than usual.

Both of the incoming big names are located in the new 'Fresh Food Precint' of Chadstone, with Aldi being indoors, and Woolworths having their own exterior entrance. Woolworths (who own Safeway) are progressively rebranding all of their Victorian Safeway stores, and this is one of the first Victorian stores to open completely under the Woolworths brand.

In an attempt to retain customers, Coles has revamped its supermarket store, with a newer, more modern style and layout. Its style is now reminiscent of an open-plan house.

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