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Chadstone puts finishing touches to upgrade, Webster St Bridge gets new livery

Sun, 02 Nov 2008 12:00 am By Admin

Fresh Food Precint now Open - Chadstone Development Discussions Webster Street Bridge gets Chadstone livery - Chadstone Development Discussions Coles carpark upgrade begins - Chadstone Development Discussions As of last week, the new Chadstone Place is bustling with life, with shoppers exploring and getting a taste of the brand new 'Fresh Food Precint'. Most of the previously closed off carparking areas have now opened to the public.

The outer side wall of the Webster Street bridge has been painted black and adorned with the Chadstone logo, along with the motto 'The Fashion Capital'. This is in contrast with the previously released artistic concept images which depict the bridge in yellow.

Meanwhile, the Coles multi-level carpark (outside the Chadstone Corner entrance) is currently undergoing expansion, with a third level currently under construction. Consequently, the top-level has been completely closed to the public whilst these works are being conducted. The opening of new carparking spaces at Chadstone Place mean that there will not be a shortage of carparking spaces. It is anticipated that the new level should be complete and ready for the 2009 Christmas shopping rush.

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