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Chadstone guages traffic on new roads, Graffiti continues

Sat, 08 Aug 2009 11:42 am By Admin

traffic counting lines - Chadstone Development Discussions MetroCount traffic counter on Webster St near Chadstone - Chadstone Development Discussions As of last week, traffic counters were installed on Middle Road, the service lane, Webster and Capon Streets. Webster street has three counters - One on the northern side, one on the bridge itself and one on the southern side. The Shopping Centre / Stonnington Council are trying to determine the traffic flow on the new roads, particularly the bridge in an attempt to see the impact on local residential traffic - ultimately to test the theory of how lowering Middle Road and bridging Webster Street will reduce the traffic impact on residents.

More graffiti in August 2009 - Chadstone Development Discussions The growing problem of graffiti is keeping council and Chadstone security staff on their feet. Last week, this bit of artwork appeared on one of the concrete wall panels adjacent the wheelchair access ramps along Middle Road. The Council and/or Gandel must install security surveillance systems in order to deter and catch the criminals, who are devaluing the properties in the surrounding area. Although the infrastructure upgrades enhance the area physically, signs of graffiti offset the advantages by creating a sense of insecurity.

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