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Chadstone Parking: Buyer beware! 2009 Christmas shopping season

Sun, 06 Dec 2009 12:28 pm By Admin

Stonnington Council parking permit zone near Chadstone Shopping - Chadstone Development Discussions Last year (2008) saw an unprecedented number of shoppers flow through the doors of Chadstone Shopping Centre during the Christmas trading period. However, at the time, there were still construction works occuring in carparking areas. Carparks were overflowing, causing unwitting shoppers to park in the surrounding suburban streets - most of which are Permit Zones.

This year, 2009, sees almost all the construction works on carparking areas complete. Even though there are now more parking spaces, the growing popularity of the centre coupled with the increased number of shops means that more customers will visit. Carparks are expected to overflow again at the peak (23rd & 24th of December 2009).

Shoppers are warned not to park in the surrounding streets, because almost all of them are designated as Permit Zones. Last year, Stonnington Council made a killing by booking hundreds of illegally parked vehicles. Parking officers were constantly seen patrolling the surrounding streets. At one stage, almost every single car on Capon Street (opposite the rear of the Coles carpark) were booked for parking without a valid permit.

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