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Chadstone Parking Tips for Christmas 2009

Sat, 19 Dec 2009 12:15 pm By Admin

As of Fri 18 Dec 2009, the carparks were at maximum capacity by 6pm. The situation is not going to get any better as the Xmas shopping rush approaches.

Here are some tips to help you park in Chadstone.

1. Do your shopping early. Don't wait until the last minute 'rush' period from the 23rd to 24th. If you shop during the last days, you are guaranteed to not find a parking spot because thousands of others are driving around stalking free parking spots.

2. Park further away. Yes, it sounds silly, but it works! It is easier to park in areas furthest away from the centre building entrances, because every other shopper is trying to find a parking spot closest to the entrance so they don't have to walk as far. The reality is, you will spend far more time waiting and driving around trying to find that perfect spot than parking further away and simply walking that extra bit. You will also save petrol. The extra walking will help offset the extra helpings that put on weight during the festive season.

3. Be aware of local council parking regulations. Most of the suburban streets surrounding Chadstone Shopping Centre are regulated and require valid permits in order to park legally. Stonnington Council are relentless when it comes to fining motorists who flout the law.

4. Have a designated driver drop you off. Have your partner, family member or friend drive you to Chadstone and drop you off. They can then drive to another nearby location, and wait until you have finished shopping and are ready to be picked up. That way, you can avoid the frustrating carpark hunt.

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