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Tight security for 24-hour shopping, Nova FM broadcasts outside Myer

Wed, 23 Dec 2009 10:00 pm By Admin

Victoria Police in attendance Christmas 2009 - Chadstone Development Discussions The number of shoppers at Chadstone has increased dramatically as people finish their dinner after a hot day at work.

A prominent precense of Chadstone security staff and Victoria Police officers ensured the safety and security of the Centre during the intense shopping period. Traffic management staff were also employed to ensure the smooth flow of traffic through the major intersections inside the Centre grounds.

Nova broadcasts from Chadstone - Chadstone Development Discussions Melbourne's Nova FM 100.3 radio station is broadcasting from a stage just outside of Myer, giving away many prizes including big-brand accessories and $500 gift vouchers. They will continue broadcasting and giving away prizes from that location until close of business Christmas eve.

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