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Centre Management $100 Freebie Voucher Bungle led to disgruntled shoppers 18 Nov

Wed, 30 Dec 2009 02:08 pm By Admin

Wednesday 18 October 2009 - Chadstone Development Discussions Trading 9am til 10pm - Chadstone Development Discussions The new extension which opened on the 18th Nov 2009 originally included free $100 shopping vouchers for the first 100 people through the doors.

Even though the official opening time was at 9am, shoppers were lining up well before that. Queues started even at midnight.

It was revealed that centre manager Stephen DeWaele has admitted to handing out the vouchers early because of 'safety' fears. Shoppers who lined up all night were told at 8am that the vouchers had already been given away hours ago. Centre management was expecting only a few hundred to queue, but instead, several thousand lined up to await the opening.

Mr DeWaele said “We had people lining up from midnight, and I’d have to say we were overwhelmed with the number of people who came to the centre.

“And to manage it safely ... we had to take the decision to give the first 100 there the vouchers.

In an effort to calm the disgruntled shoppers, 'goodie bags' were given to those who missed out on the vouchers.

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