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Trip hazard continues for over a month outside Chadstone Place

Mon, 06 Dec 2010 02:21 pm By Admin

 - Chadstone Development Discussions  - Chadstone Development Discussions A year after the new Chadstone Place was constructed, problems with the ground have now started to crop up. The ground at the entrance to the new Chadstone Place tower block (near the Australia Post boxes) has started to shift, causing the pavers to buckle and shift. In response to this, remedial work took place in early November 2010 to rectify this. New foam spacers have been installed in the gaps in the brickwork with the excess protruding the top surface and hazard tape installed to prevent pedestrians from walking over the top of it. It took more than two week for the excess to be trimmed from the top.

A similar problem also exists near the entrance to the First Choice Liquor store. A small area of buckled pavement 2x2 meters in size has been cordoned off with hazard tape, and there has been no sign of any attempt to rectify this problem for nearly two months now.

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