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Excavations - Late March 2007

Wed, 04 Apr 2007 10:46 am By Admin

Starting the excavations - Chadstone Development Discussions Massive amounts of earth is being excavated. More areas have been fenced off, including the former ACU area. Sewerage pipes and drain boxes have been delivered. It appears that they will construct the new underpass/tunnel on the current construction site, divert traffic there, then work on excavating the old Middle Rd for the second tunnel.

Footpath Blocked off on the 29th - Chadstone Development Discussions The footpath on the southern side of Middle Rd has also been blocked. All of the wooden fencing between Capon and Webster has been taken down, and all trees along that side have been chopped down.

The poor guy living on 754 Warrigal Road has had his driveway relocated, as it will be too close to the middle rd intersection after the readworks are complete.

Almost every morning, the left lane on Warrigal Road near the Middle Rd intersection is blocked by roadwords, causing congestion to those travelling from Princes Hwy to the freeway.

Organised Chaos

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