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New street lighting for Middle Rd, Ring Road gets speed humps

Sat, 08 Sep 2007 12:52 pm By Admin

Speed humps installed on perimiter (ring) rd - Chadstone Development Discussions Cutaway showing edge of undergound chadstone place carpark - Chadstone Development Discussions The intersection at night. New street lighting - Chadstone Development Discussions New street lighting has been installed along the new section of Middle Road, however lighting still has not been finalised at the Warrigal Road intersection. Diesel-powered lighting is still in use.

Excavations near the Chadstone Place carpark have exposed the edge of the multi-level carpark, and as expected, the new multi-level carpark will be connected to the old one.

New speed humps were installed on the new perimiter road (Ring road as they call it). Apparently no one is sticking to the ridiculously low speed limit of 20kph around the area.

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