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New turning lane for Middle road

Wed, 12 Sep 2007 06:32 pm By Admin

Digging for new right-hand turn lanes - Chadstone Development Discussions Excavated area at middle road for 2 right-hand turning lanes - Chadstone Development Discussions The new footpath has not changed since July - Chadstone Development Discussions Since last weekend, workers have been removing the slope on the old part of Middle Road to create more level ground for two extra left-turn lanes. Today the new bitumen and lane markings were fully laid, and traffic was able to use the lanes in the afternoon. It will be a gradual process where small sections of road will be progressively opened over time.

The new footpaths show absolutely no signs of progress. The project managers have probably decided to first concentrate on fixing up the roads before any resources are given to finishing off the footpath.

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