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Lamp Posts for Middle Rd, work hastening to early and late hours

Mon, 10 Dec 2007 10:25 pm By Admin

New lamp posts on Middle Rd median strip - Chadstone Development Discussions New roundabout at multi-level carpark - Chadstone Development Discussions  - Chadstone Development Discussions Last weekend, new black coloured lamp posts were installed. The kerb for the median strip was completed.

A new kerb for the Capon Street corner (on the northern side of Middle Road) was also created. A lesser-noticeable feature was the rendering of the privacy walls, which are more appealing.

A new roundabout and down-ramp is taking shape at the site of the old roundabout, at the very end of Middle Road. The new multi-level carpark has progressed significantly to the point where it joins up with the present Chadstone Place carpark, however with only 2 weeks until Christmas, it still seems like the contruction contractor will struggle to have it finished in time for the Christmas shopping rush at Chadstone.

As a result of the slow progression, construction workers are increasingly turning to after hours and early weekends to conduct the works. As of this writing (10:30pm), concrete cutting could be heard up Middle Road. This practice may increase so that the contractors are able to finish the project on time - to the dismay of residents.

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