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CDL and ProBuild recommence works, ChadPlace carpark fenced off again

Thu, 17 Jan 2008 01:03 pm By Admin

Middle Rd service lane old bitumen dug up - Chadstone Development Discussions Part of Myer carpark fenced off - Chadstone Development Discussions Rubble at Myer carpark - Chadstone Development Discussions After several weeks of being left unfinished, the building and roadworks for Middle Rd recommenced. The old bitumen on the northern side of Middle Road (the service lane for Middle Rd residents) has been dug up so that new bitumen can be laid. This project is overdue by two months.

Workers were also seen repairing the kerb/median strip of Middle Rd at the Warrigal Road intersection.

The flurry of builders, a familiar sight in 2007, could be seen again at the new office/underground Chadstone Place carpark complex.

Parts of the Chadstone Place carpark have been fenced off. These include the area in front of the Australia Post shop and the carpark near the Myer complex, extending to the post office boxes. Shoppers are now forced to park in other carparks further away from the building entrances whilst the construction/refurbishment works take place.

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