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Webster St Bridge not a priority, Reduced parking at Chadstone Place

Fri, 25 Jan 2008 09:30 pm By Admin

Chadstone Place carpark fenced off - Chadstone Development Discussions Half-rendered footpath wall - Chadstone Development Discussions Although construction efforts have recommenced, the Webster Street bridge has not shown signs of progress as yet. It is now about two and a half months overdue (a newsletter circulated in February 2007 claimed the construction works would be complete by late November 2007). Fortunately there is some progress on the Middle Rd service lane, with the kerb laid, and the exit downramp starting to progress again. Further beautification work is being done, especially on the new Middle Rd footpath, where the brick retaining walls were rendered. Non-slip rubber inserts were installed on the footpath ramps at the Warrigal Rd intersection.

Meanwhile, several sections of the Chadstone Place carpark have been fenced off. Lamp posts were dismantled and kerbs were dug up. In this move, the works have reduced parking availabilty close to the centre. Shoppers will be forced to park in the far-off car parks during peak periods.

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