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Slow progress despite Webster bridge 3 months overdue, Multilevel Myer carpark?

Wed, 06 Feb 2008 05:51 pm By Admin

Middle Rd service lane near the Webster St bridge - Chadstone Development Discussions Chadstone place/Myer carpark - Chadstone Development Discussions Although progress on the new carpark is progressing at a rapid pace, the Webster Street bridge has only progressed very slightly. Several sections of the corner kerb have been laid, however no bitumen has been laid. This makes the bridge 3 months overdue - a newsletter sent one year ago claimed the expected finish date would be early November 2007.

Metal beams have been delivered to the fenced off section of the Myer/Chadstone Place carpark (in front of the PO boxes/Fitness First). There is a very high probability that an upper level carpark will be built. Before its completion, customers will have reduced parking at least for a few months.

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